RALEIGH N.C. (WNCN) – New national data shows nearly 400 crashes involving cars with some form of automated driving, with only nine of those crashes in North Carolina.

Last year, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started requiring manufacturers of this new technology to report crashes when the automatic driving functions were engaged.

The released data shows 392 crashes involving different types of cars equipped with enhanced auto-pilots, the majority of those recorded in the past year.

Tesla accounted for 273 of those crashes nationwide, but the company also has more cars with automated technology on the road.

Maryann Miller lives in the Triangle and has been driving her Tesla for five years.

She said she consistently updates the software for automated driving features when they become available.

“This is a system that is a driver-assisted system. It’s not intended to be the car driving for you without your involvement,” Miller said. “I would classify us as excited for helping, feeling that’s an important mission even to help improve the technology.”

Tesla driver Tony Infantino said he uses the automatic driving mode while taking long road trips, but is always on standby to take the reins.

“I would encourage people to maybe not use it in city traffic, especially during rush hour because there are a lot of people who may cut you off or be going a different speed than normal,” Infantino said. “If for some reason it feels like the traffic is such that you shouldn’t be using it or if the lines aren’t painted well enough to respond or recognize it, it won’t even let you turn it on.”

You can read the whole report online here.