WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Republican-led states from Texas to Georgia are passing sweeping election measures.

“I consider these bills to be common sense, mainstream improvements to the integrity of our elections,” Jason Snead with the Honest Elections Project said.

Snead said he believes these are reforms voters want.

“It’s about strengthening democracy and encouraging people to turn out and vote by showing them their vote matters and it will be counted properly,” he said.

But voting rights groups say the measures are designed to suppress voting.

“They all start with the same assumption that voters are trying to commit fraud and must prove that they are not,” Debra Cleaver with Vote America said.

Cleaver said the new Republican state laws violate American’s fundamental right to vote. She’s calling on the federal government to step in.

“Federal legislation is long overdue,” Cleaver said. “This country needs standard laws.”

Senate Democrats plan to take up federal voting legislation when they return next week.

But Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio said the federal government should stay out of state elections.

“It’s never been easier in the history of this country to vote than it is right now,” Rubio said.

Rubio said he supports his state’s new laws.

“I think Florida’s election laws are very good,” he said. “I am not familiar with other states but election security and election integrity are not voter suppression – that’s ridiculous.”

For now, the future of the legislation is uncertain because moderate democrats have also expressed reservations.