CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – North Carolina State Trooper Christopher Wooten remains badly hurt Thursday after he was paralyzed following a motorcycle crash during a chase in Charlotte Monday.

The outpouring of support for him during the week includes one of his friends, Andy Schmidt, calling into the WBTV newsroom with an idea – to get the attention of their mutual childhood hero, wrestling superstar Ric Flair.

Schmidt wanted to see if Flair might call Trooper Wooten to wish him well.

After a mention of this on WBTV Primetime at 7 p.m. Thursday, a friend of Flair’s saw the live report, called him, and made it happen. For Schmidt, watching Flair brings him back to a simpler time.

“We would get up, all of us together, and watch wrestling,” he says.

This was as a boy, with him and his friends, including Wooten.

“No worries, no cares, nothing to worry about — certainly nothing like this,” he says of the crash.

The wreck happened when Wooten was on his highway patrol motorcycle with his lights on, and he went after a car. Another car then hit him.

“I saw it and fell to my knees,” Schmidt says. “Just, no, this can’t be, but it is.”

Schmidt says both he and Wooten grew up to join law enforcement.

“It’s something that can happen in law enforcement,” he says. “You pray it never does, or just like anyone, going out of their house, that they’re all going to make it home that night. He didn’t.”

As Wooten recovers, Schmidt racked his brain about what to do for his friend.

“I said, what can I do?” he asked. “I’m limited, and it’s painful.”

So, he put out a message to try to get their mutual hero, Ric Flair, to send a message of encouragement.

“He’s a warrior. He’s a fighter. Chris is the same way,” he says. “Two woos can make a right, I do believe.”

Woos, and a message of positivity, as his friend, get a little better every day.

“He’s not going to give up,” Schmidt says. “That’s makes us all proud of just being able to say he’s our friend.”

Ric let WBTV know through a friend Thursday that he didn’t record the call – he says he didn’t do it for media attention or publicity. But, Schmidt says, Ric not only called Chris, but also called him.

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