CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston Animal Society is highlighting the importance of microchipping pets by sharing an uplifting and unlikely story.

According to CAS, a cat named Mojo was adopted by a Mount Pleasant woman over 10 years ago.

Mojo was not a fan of the dog that lived in his new house, but was an otherwise happy indoor/outdoor cat that usually found his way home, CAS said.

One night, Mojo whined to be let outside but never returned. His owner Erin put up flyers and spent weeks looking for him to no avail.

Last week, an animal control officer found Mojo around two miles from where he went missing.

Mojo was brought to CAS and since he was microchipped, CAS was able to contact Erin and reunite the pair.

CAS said that Erin was overcome with emotion to hear that her cat had been found.