CHARLESTON, S.C. (WNCN) – The governor of South Carolina said Thursday she does not believe her state needs a bill similar to North Carolina’s House Bill 2.

On Wednesday, a South Carolina state senator introduced a bill similar to the North Carolina’s controversial bill. The South Carolina bill, like the North Carolina version, would force people to use the bathroom based on their biological sex, not the sexual identification.

“While other states are having this battle, this is not a battle that we have seen is needed in South Carolina,” Gov. Nikki Haley said Thursday, according to Charleston Post and Courier. “And it’s not something that we see the citizens are asking for in South Carolina.”

The South Carolina bill would define someone’s sexual identity as being that on their birth certificate.

The South Carolina bill deals only with transgenders and bathrooms. North Carolina’s House Bill 2 goes far beyond that, including language on discrimination and on wages.