RAEFORD, N.C. (WNCN) – The Hoke County Sheriff’s Office formed its Violent Crimes Joint Task Force last month. The unit was formed to combat the surge in violent crime in and around Hoke County.

So far, it’s proved to be successful.

The sheriff’s office said the task force has already seized and recovered numerous guns throughout Hoke County. They said some of those seized guns were in the possession of felons, others were stolen, or had been used in violent crimes.

The sheriff’s office said it would begin to increase the number of deputies and investigators throughout the county “in an effort to confront those who look to bring crime to our friends and families.”

The sheriff’s office said suspects facing prosecution at the state level can also expect to be charged and prosecuted at the federal level. They advised anyone with information or concerns in the community to contact The Violent Crimes Joint Task Force Supervisor, Sgt. J. Clark at (910)875-5111.

Weapons seized by Hoke County Sheriff’s Office