Shifting Wake/Harnett county line could affect dozens


ANGIER, N.C. (WNCN) – Dozens of local homeowners might soon find themselves living in a different county, without ever actually moving.

The issue that impacts some homeowners centers along the Wake-Harnett County line.

Some live along Rawls Church Road near Angier.

James Frank Wellons could be one.

He has called his land home for more than a decade.

Wellons said being on the county line has been confusing for years.

“We have to go pay the water bill in Lillington and we pay Wake County taxes,” he said.

Wellons was surprised to learn Wake and Harnett counties could soon have the county line redrawn, right in the area where he lives.

“I’d rather stay in Wake County because the property values are higher than in Harnett,” he said.

His next door neighbor, Pablo Vega, feels the opposite.

Half of his land is in Wake and half is in Harnett and he wants it all in Harnett.

“If I go to Raleigh, it’s far away, about one hour,” said Vega. “Lillington is 20 minutes maybe.”

“When counties were established years ago, they weren’t established with the precision that technology brings to us today,” said Tim Maloney, Wake County’s director of Planning, Development and Inspections. “It affects things like where the property is valued and where it’s taxed at, where the deeds are recorded, where the schoolchildren go to school.”

Wake County Commissioners discussed the changes Monday and Harnett County Commissioners will discuss it on Tuesday.

Both counties knew there were discrepancies and asked the state to survey the land.

It’s possible that 27 dwellings along the county line could change. Nineteen currently in Wake would be split or move to Harnett. Eight in Harnett would be split or move to Wake.

Wellons told CBS North Carolina he believes things should be left alone.

“If they’re going to do something like this, they need to contact the people who are going to be impacted,” said Wellons.

Maloney said that would happen.

Both counties would need to approve the boundary changes and likely would not vote on them until the spring.

There also are proposed changes to the Wake-Chatham County line, though those changes would not impact current homeowners.

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