FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – The location for Fayetteville’s minor league baseball stadium has contaminated soil and groundwater, according to an environmental study.

The stadium is expected to open in 2019 with a Houston Astros minor league baseball team.

City leaders said although the environmental study revealed some concerns, everything is still working according to plan.

In a 2016 environmental site assessment, the land along Hay Street exhibited contamination above state limits.

The report says three gas stations that used to be located near the site appear to be the source of the contamination.

Officials say the likelihood of environmental issues at the location was known before-hand.

“It was anticipated because it use to be a gas station or something over there.We knew it may be some environmental issues over there so, we wanted to make sure we got out there ahead of it, aired on side of caution, did a study, it gave us what we need,” said Mitch Colvin, Fayetteville mayor pro tem.

Colvin said the contamination will be removed before construction begins.

The #33 million stadium is expected to revitalize downtown Fayetteville, attracting millions of dollars in revenue to the local economy each year.

Colvin said they’re now working to finalize designs and secure a construction firm.

The City expects to break ground this summer.