RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — We saw the coolest morning temperatures in the Triangle Tuesday morning since April 11. It dropped down to 38 in Raleigh. With the chillier temps already making us dress up with more layers and start the car a minute or two early, it’s time to talk about some snow.

The vast majority of the snow that falls in Central North Carolina comes in January; 50 percent of the total snowfall in Raleigh’s recorded history falls in the first month of the year.

120 years ago on October 25, the earliest flakes of the season on record fell in the city.

According to the News & Observer that morning in 1903, “There was some sleet and a fall of big, wet flakes of snow for a little while yesterday morning.”

While it didn’t accumulate, it’s the earliest in the season that snow has officially been observed in Raleigh.

Snowfall in October has happened two other times in Raleigh, including a dusting on Halloween back in 1887. The earliest measurable amount (0.6 inches) fell on November 6, 1953.

Since we all surely remember 1903 so well, let’s spotlight a few other notable things that happened that year. The first baseball World Series was held that year between the Boston Americans and the Pittsburgh Pirates, peanut butter sold for the steep price tag of ten cents a jar and here in North Carolina: the Wright Brothers completed their first flight in Kitty Hawk that December. 1903 was the first in snowfall and flight!