ORANGE, Va. (WNCN) – Have you ever known a cow to run away because it doesn’t want to be sold? Now you do.

A 650-pound cow leaped for its life in Virginia this week while it was in the middle of being taken and sold to Knights Cattle Company in Orange.

“Proclaimed” cow catchers Timmy Lamb and Sam Crawford told WRIC in Richmond, WNCN’s sister station, they received a call from Orange Family Physicians about a missing cow.

Staff of the physician’s office said the duo arrived on horseback, with a dog, to help retrieve Bessie.

However, they were met with a bit of a struggle.

Crawford said the cow was scared and ran around the building, smashing through the glass doors of the doctor’s office, WRIC reported.

“When it shattered the glass it just kept on running through the building,” Lamb said.

But, the cow lassoers “were able to go inside and bring the cow outside without harm. Lamb roped the cow’s neck and brought it outside where he tied it down to a light pole,” WRIC reported.

It is unknown if the heifer is back headed to Knights Cattle Company despite trying to live as a free cow.