NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Strange lights in the night sky over Norfolk — moving in quick, synchronized formations. Could it be aliens coming down to survey our military technology? Or cutting edge Chinese stealth aircraft? The Russians? 

It turns out, these unexplained sightings aren’t evidence of an alien vessel, but one of our own. 

Several viewers contacted WAVY-TV 10 with videos and questions about what they saw in the clouds Tuesday night. 

“Strange orbs seen moving in odd patterns at high velocities,” one viewer emailed in to us along with videos. 

“I have a possible UFO siting(sic) in Norfolk caught on film and would like it reviewed!” another said.

The lights residents saw Tuesday night (and for the last week) over Hampton Roads are actually ground-based skylights (also known as search lights) advertising the Winterfest light display onboard the USS Wisconsin reflecting off of the clouds.  

Imagine the beams of light waving around outside of a big event or movie theater. That’s what we’re dealing with here: the wacky waving inflatable tube men of lights. 

“[T]hey are a part of the light design aboard the battleship for our holiday experienceWinterFest on the Wisconsin. Our lights are so bright, you can see them from space,” Rehn West, a spokesperson for Nauticus, confirmed to us in an email. 

The Downtown Norfolk event is open this year from Nov. 9 to Jan. 1, and the displays on the ship look just as surreal and unbelievable as what many thought they witnessed Tuesday night. 

Tickets are $18.50 for adults and $14.50 for kids. Members get a $2 discount on those prices, and this Wednesday and Thursday night (Nov. 16-17) only, teachers, first responders and medical professionals can all get $5 off as part of “Hero Night.” 

Not convinced? The 10 On Your Side investigative team reached out to the Navy, Department of Defense, FAA and the National UFO Reporting Center. We’ll update this post with any new information.

The truth is out there.