FORT MILL, S.C. (WJZY) — Mothers in an area just south of Charlotte are coming together to feed their babies during the formula shortage by using social media to donate formula and share information about supplies in local stores.

Three-month-old Shepherd Gee is a pretty happy baby, but when his mom, Madison Gee, picked up the only kind of formula she could find at the store and fed Shepherd, the formula did not sit well with her baby.

“I noticed he might be having gas pains because he would be ok and then he would clench his whole body and throw his legs up and start crying, and I knew it was belly pain,” said Gee of Fort Mill.

The baby formula shortage left Gee feeling helpless.

“You feel horrible because really, it’s not in your control. You can’t do anything, and while yes, he’s fed, it’s miserable and heartbreaking,” said Gee.

She kept searching for hours at stores and finally found another formula that is better for Shepherd, but she didn’t want the other formula to go to waste.

“It’s still expensive and I know everyone’s trying to buy as much as they can, and if I can just give that to someone in need, then by all means, have it, feed your baby, please,” said Gee.

She put up a post on Facebook in a moms group and almost immediately found another mom in need in the Fort Mill area.

“Everyone has been great and so willing to help each other,” said Gee.

Moms are sharing post after post in the Facebook group. One alerts mothers that a local store has formula on its shelves.

In another post, someone says she has a sample of formula that she’s willing to donate.

“It’s been a tremendous help. They’re really trying, they really are trying,” said Gee.

Her donation means another baby like Shepherd will get fed for about two weeks. The moms don’t know how long the shortage will last, but they’ll get through it.

“It’s a struggle, but we’ll all manage, we’ll all continue to help each other,” said Gee.

If you can’t find baby formula, try calling your pediatrician’s office and they may have samples of formula they can give you. You can also reach out to your local WIC office or get on Facebook and find moms groups.