HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — The attorney representing Cory Bigsby had his motion to withdraw as counsel granted by a judge on Thursday.

Jeff Ambrose filed the motion on Wednesday to withdraw from the case, granted by Judge Gregory Bane.

Attorney Jeffrey Ambrose told 10 On Your Side he doesn’t want there to be any misunderstanding about his withdrawal. Ambrose said it is not based on any sort of confession by Cory Bigsby, contrary to rumors on social media.

Ambrose said there was an ethical problem that compromised his duty as an attorney as well as Bigsby’s rights as a defendant. Ambrose was retained by Bigsby’s family three days after Codi was reported missing Jan. 31.

Meanwhile, a group known as Team Codi took up two rows in the courtroom.

“I feel that Codi is not talked about enough. It’s always about Cory, Cory, Cory. We want to make sure that Team Codi is here for Codi,” said team member Bianca Wilson.

Cory Bigsby’s son is one of four children. Bigsby reported him missing the morning of Jan. 31, with no sign of him since. His father is not charged in the disappearance, but he is jailed on unrelated child neglect charges. Team Codi said they’re using social media and public events to keep Codi’s name on everyone’s mind.

“You have Cory Bigsby who’s locked up and he got bond denied, but the community is on the fence. They want to find information and they feel that Cory has it,” Wilson said.

Bigsby was arrested days after his 4-year-old son Codi Bigsby was reported missing at the Buckroe Pointe townhomes in the Buckroe area of Hampton on Jan. 31.

Codi has still not been found, but Team Codi said they will not let a lack of progress turn into fatigue.

“If you think that the community is gonna step aside — we’re not,” Wilson said. “We’re gonna be here from here on out.”

Bigsby is charged with seven counts of felony child neglect, which are not directly related to Codi’s disappearance. The charges stem from several incidents dating back to December.

However, at a bond hearing earlier this month, prosecutors said Codi is “presumed to be deceased.” Bigsby is the sole person of interest in his son’s disappearance, but he’s not facing charges at this time.

Ambrose was brought on as Bigsby’s attorney shortly after police questioned Bigsby for 76 hours in total.

Bigsby is still being held without bond in Hampton Roads Regional Jail on the child neglect charges. Prosecutors have said he could be a flight risk based on a previous conviction of going AWOL in the U.S. Army years ago.

He has two weeks to find a new attorney. His next court date is April 28.

Bigsby has declined media interviews, and did so again on Thursday.