Couple pulls gun on woman at stoplight – woman pulls out phone instead of her gun

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An Alabama woman believes road rage caused a couple to pull a pistol on her at a busy stop light Saturday afternoon.

“The whole time I’m thinking that hopefully I get out of this OK and I get my sister out of this OK,” Tyra Jones said.

Jones was taking her 16-year-old sister to the mall for a back to school outfit when she exited Interstate 65 and was stopped at a traffic light on Airport Boulevard.

The driver pulled up next to her on the grass and said started yelling at her.

“Next thing I know he was just calling his girlfriend or wife and was telling me to get out of the car and wanted to fight. He was waving his gun and calling me all kind of, you know, names,” Jones said.

She doesn’t know what started it. Jones says she was driving the speed limit and guesses that made the other driver angry.

“You’re waving a gun at me. That’s going to give me the impression that you want to shoot me. And if you want to shoot me, you have the intent to kill,” Jones said.

When they pulled out their pistol Jones didn’t reach for her gun. She grabbed her phone to take a picture.

“It wasn’t until I put out my phone that they reversed to get away, to leave me alone,” Jones said.

She’s sharing the picture to warn other drivers and hopefully keep people safe.

“More than likely, I’m not the only person they did that to,” she said.

Police say threatening and pointing a gun at someone is a menacing charge, a misdemeanor.

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