Massive house fire displaces 2; neighbors grab water hoses to protect their homes

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CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A fire on Roundtree Circle in the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake left two people without a home Sunday morning.

A spokesman from the Chesapeake Fire Dept. says crews responded to he 2600 block of Roundtree Circle around 2:28 a.m. They arrived on the scene 10 minutes later and found a home engulfed in flames.

The two adults who lived at the home were able to escape before firefighters arrived. No injuries were reported.

The fire was marked under control at 3:42 a.m. and the cause is under investigation.

Emmanuel Thoroughgood who lives on the street towards the back of the home, says his dogs alerted him to the flames.

“When I looked through the window the whole sky was lit up,” Thoroughgood said.

Thoroughgood says as the flames grew so did his concern for his neighbor’s safety so he headed across the street to knock on their door.

“I look up and you can see the little pieces of fire, yes the embers coming over, and I’m thinking, this wind is shifting, you’ve got all these houses back there,” recalled Thoroughgood.

The neighbors he went to go check on live right behind the home on fire. He thought the older couple would get up and across the street, but instead, the woman who answered the door says they grabbed water hoses and got to work.

“The wind was gale force, and it was blowing it toward our house. They had their hands full with their house, so we had to do our own fire prevention,” the woman told 10 On Your Side.

She says she and her husband worked to make sure their home didn’t catch fire for about an hour and even though it was scary for them, they know the couple whose home is now in ashes, and they’re prayers are with them.

Thoroughood says he also hopes the couple who’s now without a home,  is able to recover.

“It’s an eye opener that shows you at any given moment, you can lose everything,” he stated.

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