‘It is so pungent’ — Funky, foul smells seeping into SC homes near Charlotte

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INDIAN LAND, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Funky, foul smells are seeping into homes in Lancaster and York counties. It’s an issue neighbors have been complaining about for weeks.

WJZY came out to the impacted neighborhoods Thursday night around 11:30 p.m. to experience what the people of Indian Land smell, and it was bad.

At least three people said this has been their life for the last week and it’s getting worse.

“It’s a combination of sewer and rotten eggs,” one woman said.

Both terrible smells no one wants to live with, but Victoria and her sister Diana say they do.

“I think a little bit of sulfur, sewer, some of it is very unidentifiable like I feel like it’s very industrial.”

And the weird thing is, it only happens at night.

“You can’t sleep, your eyes water and to me it’s unacceptable, it’s interfering with our quality of life.”

“I’ve lived here for 15 years, it used to be maybe one day a month, or two days a month, on a Sunday night and by morning it was gone.”

And now: “It’s three to four days a week and it is so pungent. We came in last week and our house was just permeated. We had to open up all of our windows, I even noticed it in my car just now.”

“And when I get up in the morning sometimes, I can’t even open a window right away because it hasn’t dissipated yet. To me it’s obnoxious, it interferes with what I want to do.”

Indian Land Facebook users agree the smell is horrible, but there’s no consensus on where it’s coming from.

Jeff Kitchen believes it’s the water and sewer treatment plant.

“It smells like fecal matter. People say it came from the paper plant but that’s on Highway 5, a smell can’t come that far down this way. It’s from the wastewater plant right here,” he said.

On top of not knowing where it’s coming from, other Facebook posts claim their bodies aren’t reacting well to the smell. Two posts say they’re experiencing headaches.

“And it’s on NextDoor as well. We’ve got a lot of people commenting. I made a post and she made a post as well. A lot of people have been calling the number filing reports, cause everybody has been aware there’s been a smell for years…but not to this extreme.”

WJZY reached out to Lancaster County council members to see what their plans are to help people living in Indian Land fight the smell. So far, we haven’t been called back.

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