SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office said Friday it is looking for a woman believed to have used counterfeit bills at two stores.

Tamara Jones, owner of pottery-painting studio Hearts of Clay, said the woman used a fake $100 bill to buy a small box. Jones said she then took the purchase, roughly $80 in change and several dollars’ worth of stolen stickers and left the store abruptly.

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A small camera stationed by the cash register caught the entire interaction on camera.

“It was a real open reminder of, hey, there’s really bad people out there,” Jones said.

Hearts of Clay posted on Facebook about the incident. In part of the Facebook post Jones wrote, “I am angry and heartbroken over the lack of human decency.”

Investigators told WSPA the woman in the video used several identical bills at a nearby Hotspot over the course of several days. The sheriff’s office said the woman asked for change in increments of $10 each time.

One of the fake $100 bills. Photo courtesy: Hearts of Clay.

Anyone with information about the identity of the woman is asked to call the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office.

The United States Secret Service, which handles cases of counterfeit money, offered a tool to identify fake currency. You can view that tool here. The US Currency website also has a guide to help authenticate money here.

Those who suspect a bill of being fake can report it to local law enforcement and can report it here.