Lawyer: Woman cuts finger on razor blade stuck in Walmart shopping cart

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A Florida woman says she sliced her finger on a razor blade that was embedded in the handle of her shopping cart at Walmart, WPLG reports.

Faith Ferels told the news station she got a minor cut on her finger after shopping at a Walmart store in Coral Springs Sunday. 

“I went to move my cart and I felt something sharp. I looked and saw that blade,” Ferels said. 

In a statement to News Channel 8, Ferel’s lawyer, Brandon Gibson said his client was not sure whether the blade was placed on the handle while she shopped or if it had been there before she picked up the cart.

“Once she saw the razor blade, Mrs. Ferels initially asked an associate for help but was ignored,” Gibson said. 

According to her lawyer, Ferels spoke to two managers and showed them her hand. They took pictures of the cart, got her a bandage and thanked her for letting them know.

“Mrs. Ferels asked if they could at least take her name and number. She was provided with a receipt tape to write her name and number, which she did, then she left the store,” the lawyer added. 

Gibson said she called the police once she got to the parking lot and wrote about the incident on social media.

Ferel said she hasn’t heard from Walmart since the incident.

They didn’t take it serious,” Ferels told WPLG. “I thought, you know, there’s always a cop car outside of there, that they would have called a police officer, security, someone to look and try to find how it happened.”

Walmart told the news station it is investigating the incident and the store’s shopping carts are inspected regularly.

“We take this matter seriously,” spokesman Casey Staheli told the station.

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