Man arrested for ripping his boyfriend’s testicles open, officials say

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Corey Jones in a photo from WGMB

BATON ROUGE, La. (WGMB) — A man was arrested last week for grabbing his boyfriend’s testicles so hard that he was sent to the hospital, and the laceration may require stitches and leave a permanent scar, officials said.

Corey Jones is accused of the crime, which caused his boyfriend’s testicles to bleed uncontrollably, according to a probable cause form.

The victim told a responding deputy that he had a bad day at work and had an attitude when speaking to Jones. A verbal altercation ensued, and then the victim locked himself in a bedroom inside the apartment he and Jones have shared for about one month.

The victim said Jones entered the room and charged him, so he pushed Jones. In response, Jones grabbed the victim’s testicles, a court document said. The victim tried to push Jones away, and Jones then bit the victim’s hand, causing a small laceration, the victim said.

The physical struggle continued, and the victim’s testicle sac was torn open, leaving a significant laceration, according to the document.

Jones’ account of what happened was similar to that of the victim, but Jones said he never charged at his boyfriend. He confirmed to a deputy, though, that he did grab his boyfriend’s testicles in response to being pushed by him.

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