Memorial planned for abducted mom who was found dead weeks later

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SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A memorial service for Cynthia Carver is scheduled to be held this weekend.

The Southampton County mother will be remembered in a ceremony on Saturday, March 30, at 2 p.m. at the Apostolic Faith Church of God in Franklin.

Carver went missing from her Newsoms home on Feb. 21. A body found in the southern part of Suffolk on March 19 was identified as Carver.

Carver’s disappearance was initially considered a missing person case, but investigators now believe she may have been abducted.

Carver disappeared five weeks ago. Her body was found last week in Suffolk.

The family of Carver now has a slight bit of closure, but there are still a lot of questions about her disappearance and death.

It was more than a month ago that Ann Carver called police.

She then told her son, Antoine Little, that his sister Cynthia was missing. Little says he was shocked. 

“First thing I did was call her cell phone. Then when I couldn’t reach her, when it kept going to voicemail, then I knew something was … I was like sometimes she didn’t really pick the phone up quick enough all the time or I would text her, but she would always answer eventually,” said Little.

In Carver’s home, investigators found a bloody knife and what appeared to be drag marks.

Police and volunteers started a month-long search.

Her body was found Tuesday in the southern part of Suffolk. Little says they are somewhat relieved to have found her, even though it ended much differently than what they were hoping for. 

“Why would anybody hurt my baby sister? I just got that question that goes through my head everyday so that’s what bothers me the most,” Little said.

The questions of who did this and why still remain. 

Little said, “We just hope that whoever hurt our sister, our daughter, out mother, you know, we just want to find out who did it and why, and we just want to make sure they’re caught before anybody else gets hurt.”

Carver’s two daughters are now staying with Little — bright reminders of the woman he describes and kind and funny. 

“We love Cynthia and we are never going to forget her and we just want, we just want the person caught,” said Little.  “Just please come forward.  It could be one of your family members, it could be your mom, your sister, anybody like that and you wouldn’t want that to happen to you.” 

No one has been arrested in connection to Carver’s disappearance or death. If you know anything call the sheriff’s office or the FBI at 757-609-2482. 

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