NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A North Myrtle Beach resort is facing a lawsuit after a family claims their suite was infested with bed bugs, which spread to their home and caused injuries.

A family was vacationing at the Wyndham Ocean Boulevard Resort, located at 1410 South Ocean Blvd, when they claim their hotel suite was infested with bed bugs, according to a lawsuit filed on Nov. 6.

Victoria Hoover, David Hoover and Etta Sherrod, from Brunswick County, NC, Benjamin Hoover, from Baldwin County, AL, and Joshua Hoover, from Los Angeles, CA, filed the suit against the resort after staying there Dec. 20-22.

David, Benjamin and Joshua Hoover rented a suite during that time period. During that stay, David Hoover was bitten several times, according to the suit.

Following their stay, the three returned to Victoria and David Hoover’s home to celebrate the holidays together.

On Dec. 26, 2019, Benjamin Hoover’s injuries from the bed bug bites were so severe that he had to seek treatment at a hospital emergency room, according to the suit.

Victoria Hoover then found bed bugs in her home and was forced to replace mattresses, linens and treat her home for bed bugs, according to the suit. Victoria Hoover claims this was after she, David, Benjamin, Joshua and her mother Etta were bitten.

David and Victoria Hoover claim they thought the infestation was taken care of, but were wrong. Their home faced a second infestation, forcing the two to replace mattresses and linens once again, the suit said.

The plaintiffs are seeking actual damages and punitive damages for the cost of medical bills and infestation treatment as seen fit by the court.