NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — There’s a new baby two-toed sloth at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk.

The sloth was born overnight on April 17, the zoo announced on Monday. It’s the second child for mother Honey and dad Mervin.

“You can’t help but swoon over a baby sloth,” said Greg Bockheim, Executive Director of the Virginia Zoo, in a press release. “We will not know for some time if the newborn is a girl or boy since newborns tend to cling to their moms to stay out of view of potential predators but we are excited for visitors to see it on exhibit with the parents.”

You can see the sloth family in their exhibit with the Titi monkeys at the Conservatory at the World of Reptiles, but do know they tend to sleep most of the day.

The zoo says the baby will stay with its mother for about a year, but will start climbing around on its own when it’s one month old.

Since zookeepers don’t know whether the sloth is a boy or a girl yet, gender-neutral name entries will be accepted from May 2 to May 7 for $5 on the zoo’s website. The name will be revealed on social media on May 16. Proceeds will benefit the Zoo’s Act for Wildlife fund.

The Virginia Zoo’s new baby sloth rests with its mother Honey. (Courtesy of Virginia Zoo)

The zoo raised more than $3,000 for its Emergency Operating Fund when the naming rights for the zoo’s first-born sloth, Trey, were sold after Trey’s birth in March 2020.