HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – An attorney for Alex Murdaugh — the disbarred South Carolina lawyer whose wife and son were killed just three months ago — was ousted from his family law firm after misappropriating company funds, Murdaugh’s attorney says.

Murdaugh’s removal from the law firm came just days before he was shot in the head while changing a tire. The attorney says that Murdaugh “is accepting full responsibility for his conduct.”

Murdaugh’s attorney said that “Alex is deeply sorry for his actions,” and plans to pay back all of the monies he misappropriated, which was confirmed to be in the millions.

Murdaugh previously issued an apology for a series of recent mistakes and announced that he plans to enter rehab, which his brother Randy indicated was for a drug problem.

Murdaugh said that his recent behavior was exacerbated by the June 7 murders of his wife and son, who were found shot to death at a family hunting lodge.

On Saturday, Alex Murdaugh told police someone shot at him as he changed a tire on the side of a rural road. A family attorney has suggested someone cut the tire before Murdaugh left.

The attorney also said that Murdaugh “hopes that his conduct does not distract from law enforcement’s efforts to find who murdered his wife Maggie and son Paul.”