ROCK HILL, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — It’s just sitting there, the $800 million Panthers training facility project in Rock Hill. It’s been six weeks since construction stopped

“I think most of us are disappointed that the Panthers won’t be a part of this great booming economy that we have here in South Carolina,” says Governor Henry McMaster.

The big question is, what happens now? McMaster says he’s not a part of inside talks but from what he knows the state did its part according to their agreement.

“So, the disagreement is not with the state, it’s either with the city or the county, sounds like it’s the city but I know they’ve been trying to work it out. It’d be nice if it could be worked out, that’s what we were hoping for,” he said.

McMaster signed the so-called “Panthers Bill” in June 2019 that allowed David Tepper and the Carolina Panthers to build a new training facility in South Carolina with $115 million in tax incentives. Tepper’s motto was “One team. Two states.”

“I have spoken to Mr. Tepper a number of times, but I have not recently, not since the news. We had a telephone conversation a few days ago. Well, he said they were trying to work it out but um, you’ve read about it all in the paper. It appears from what Mr. Tepper said, it’s not going to happen,” he finished.

York County representative Raye Felder voted yes to the 2019 bill, she says it’s disappointing to drive by the site now and see it empty.

“Just victim of circumstance, everything kind of imploded,” Felder said.