SC neighbors call for firing of officer accused of harassing Black residents

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LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (WJZY) — Neighbors in Lancaster County are now speaking out about a police officer who they say has been harassing Black residents in the area.

Two women told FOX 46 that they’re tired of the harassment and they’re also tired of the city turning a blind eye to the situation. They’re still working to get a reasonable solution to the problem, but what they want is to have the officer off the force.

“Never in my life have I ever had the problems in Lancaster County that I’m having now,” Arlene Clyburn told FOX 46.

And those problems stem from one Lancaster police officer.

“Officer Pete Beck.”

Clyburn says he’s harassed her family, especially her nieces, several times.

“I went to the city to complain about his situation at hand and I never got the response back that I wanted to hear. I called and left Chief Grant several messages. He never did call me back. I went to City Council meetings back in November, I went to one last month and I mean it’s still stuff going on and they just not addressing it,” she said.

Tonya Ross says she’s also had several problems with Officer Beck and the Lancaster Police Department. So, she organized the Black residents with complaints to meet at the last City Council meeting.

“They keep speaking on the 20 that were present at the meeting but it was actually 37 including myself on the phone,” Ross said.

They all had similar complaints.

“It looks like he’s racially profiling us and stopping everyone because they are Black and intimidating everyone, but he’s misusing his equipment and violating our Fourth Amendment rights,” Ross said.

“You should have seen the complaints that they had against him from the county,” said Clyburn.

Those complaints included not identifying himself as an officer and pulling a young woman from her car in another jurisdiction.

“I want him fired,” Ross said.

Beck did resign from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office in March 2020 for violation of several department policies and reckless behavior.

“I really want the city to get rid of Officer Pete Beck because if they don’t somebody is going to really get hurt behind him because of what he has going on.”

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