SC woman outraged that man accused in brother’s murder was out on bond for another murder

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FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — A family in Florence says the justice system has failed them after their loved one died in a shooting.

Lamonte McAllister, 27, was killed in a shooting in December in Florence. One of the two charged in his death was out on bond for another murder charge.

“My brother ain’t bother nobody,” Keyona McAllister told News13 Wednesday. Her, along with her sisters and her daughter met us on the block of West Dixie Street where her brother was fatally shot. They had pins, T-shits, even masks with Lamonte’s picture. Keyona had a tattoo of his name.

“A murderer got a chance to hurt another family,” McAllister said. “A murderer was out on bond…Because the system keeps failing us. Like, why did he have a bond?”

McAllister’s talking about Terrele Rashon Bailey, one of the two charged in her brother’s killing. He was out on bond for a 2019 murder case in Darlington County.

“How y’all sleep at night knowing y’all gave him a bond and a chance to kill somebody else?” McAllister said. “How can y’all sleep at night? I don’t know when the last time I slept. I don’t know when the last time I ate.”

Public records show that Bailey faces four charges in the Darlington County case. He posted a $100,000 bond in March 2020 in the case, 13 months after his arrest. The bond was set by Judge Thomas Russo months after the initial charges. Judge Russo has since retired.

News13 has reported on several accused violent offenders bonding out, only to be accused of other violent acts.

Here’s an example: Joshua Spain, of Surfside Beach, was released on bond in 2018 for murder charges. He was arrested again last year on 10 counts of attempted murder.

“I think that’s really an anomaly,” Florence attorney Matt Swilley said. “Most people who get out on bond, and even for serious charges, typically don’t become involved or get accused of any kind of serious type of conduct.”

Regardless of other cases, Keyona knows one thing for sure.

“That was my baby. That was my baby. That was my best friend,” she said of her brother. “And I want justice for all the families. Not just my family. Every family. Because the system seem like it’s failing every family.”

Bailey is still in jail in Florence County over McAllister’s death. Chicago Dixon has also been charged with murder in connection with his death.

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