Scam picks up on recent reports about Social Security

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) –  “Tuesday I got three calls before 12 o’clock,” says Jean Remley of Savannah. “They said my Social Security number had been deleted and I was not going to receive any money.”

Mrs. Remley knew the caller was a crook and contacted News 3 so she could warn other senior citizens. “I knew it had to be a scam but some older folks when they hear that it might scare them especially if they live off Social Security and a lot of folks do,” she told us.

Scams are often based on current events, with the idea being that people will recollect hearing something about an issue on the news. This week, there have been stories about a new report talking about the funding for Social Security and Medicare.  

It seems the scammers wanted to entice someone into believing their call was legitimate in some way. 

In Mrs. Remley’s case, she was told the caller was from the Social Security Administration. “So, I knew then that just can’t happen. Social Security wouldn’t be calling me, they might be sending me a letter but they certainly would not be calling me,” she said.  

Mrs. Remley is 91 years old and knows that other seniors rely on their Social Security as much as she does. She just hopes her warning helps.

“I never listen to any of these calls but this one just caught my attention. I don’t want it to upset a lot of old people and we get upset easily especially if you talk about taking our money away from us,” said Mrs. Remley. “So if somebody tells them that there’s this phony thing going on that it will relieve their minds and they won’t be scared to death.”


1. No one from a government agency like the FBI, Social Security Administration or the IRS will ever        call you.
2. If you have legitimate issues with those agencies you should receive a letter in the mail
3. Never provide personal information to anyone who calls you. This includes your Social Security       number or your bank account number
4. Don’t agree to pay anyone for some kind of “prize” you are reportedly receiving
5. Never send any kind of untraceable payment to a stranger (this includes things like Western Union,     MoneyGram, Green Dot, and iTunes cards.)
6.When in doubt, hang up your phone 

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