PIEDMONT, S.C. (WSPA) – Crews from Greenville and Anderson counties continued their search Thursday for a boy who went missing in the Saluda River Wednesday.

Crews have been working tirelessly to find him starting Thursday morning.

“They’ve searched the banks, canines are here, they’ve completed the search around the banks and along the river,” Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis said.

The sheriff’s office said he was playing with friends in the river when it happened.

“It’s summertime, they were playing down the river, they live close by,” said Lewis. “I don’t have all of their ages, but they were very young.”

Neighbors like Randy Berry live in this quiet community.

“This is a first for me,” said Berry. He said something like this is hard to watch.

“To see this, a tragedy like this, it’s something you never want to see,” Berry said.

He said the Saluda River can be dangerous, especially for kids.

“It has deep holes, it’s got shallow spots and anything I could say for anybody that has small kids is never let them around any body of water if they don’t know how to swim,” Berry said.

One dive team member told us that a big challenge is how muddy the river is, making it hard to see underwater.

Another challenge is the weather.

“The rain came – some pretty severe weather – and the deputies and fire department personnel worked through that,” said Lewis. “But that certainly delayed their efforts, I think and really moving down the river at a faster pace.”

The search will continue Friday at 7 a.m.