Officials say a South Carolina teacher had sex with two students after telling co-workers she had a crush on one of the boys.

The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office released a 147-page report detailing the activities of Battery Creek High School teacher Brittany Whetzel.

The 28-year-old Whetzel was arrested in April on two felony counts of sexual battery and three misdemeanor counts of transferring beer or wine for underage consumption.

The sheriff’s report says Whetzel told friends she couldn’t wait for the boy to graduate so that she could have “beautiful babies” with him.

Two days before an alcohol-fueled party at her home, deputies say Whetzel searched the internet for variations of the question “Can teachers get in trouble for sleeping with former students?”

Another teacher who was charged in the case, Akina Andrews, 23, invited three of their male students over to drink, officials say.

The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office obtained text messages from the night of April 9 and included them in the report.

In one text from Whetzel to fellow teachers she writes, “I can’t control myself. I ****ed him and it was good,” the report said.

Originally one of the boys was asked to feed Whetzel’s cats while she was away. However, the report says the teachers provided beer and tequila to the students.

And, while Whetzel denies remembering those events due to mixing an antidepressant with alcohol, text threads and those people that were there that night recall vividly Whetzle having sexual intercourse multiple times with two of the students, according to the report.

In the report, Andrews said she walked into Whetzel’s room and saw them without the bottom part of their clothes on.

One of the boys admitted to investigators that he did not use a condom, according to the report.

Whetzel never admitted the crimes to investigators, but her texts in the report tell the other teachers that she “****ed” him, also read “I am serious as a heart attack,” with suggestive emojis. 

The students Whetzel is accused of sleeping with are 18 and older, but under South Carolina law it is illegal for a teacher to have any sexual contact with a student.

Both teachers were arrested and terminated from their jobs at the school district. Andrews faced misdemeanor charges for providing alcohol to minors.