MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – Cellphone video shot by an eyewitness shows the intensity of a road rage incident Sunday afternoon in Tennessee.

The incident happened on a busy main road in Murfreesboro, about a half-hour south of Nashville, just before 2 p.m. According to investigators, Robin Eric Rosenblum slowed down and refused to allow the driver of a Toyota Corolla to pass.

Robin Rosenblum (Source: Murfreesboro Police Department)

The driver of the Corolla eventually pulled beside Rosenblum’s Jetta and yelled profanities, telling the driver to speed up. Investigators say Rosenblum attempted to run the Corolla off the road, forcing the driver to stop. Rosenblum then got out of his car and approached the other driver.

“He tried to get into the car and couldn’t because the doors were locked,” said Sgt. Greg Walker, of the Murfreesboro Police Department Traffic Division. “Unfortunately, the window was down, so he started assaulting the gentleman.”

The other driver involved in the incident declined to be interviewed but confirmed he was punched in the mouth. A witness who saw the incident took cellphone video of the attack, with the video showing Rosenblum repeatedly punching the driver in the car.

“Unfortunately, I have seen road rage here, so it does not surprise me,” said motorist Jaidha Lindsay, “Things like that make me wonder, where are you going that’s so important? And then also, it just really scares me.”

Rosenblum was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment with a motor vehicle. Detectives said about two grams of marijuana was found in the passenger door panel of Rosenblum’s vehicle. He also faces a simple drug possession charge.

Investigators caution drivers to be patient.

“Stay as calm as you can because you never know what the other person has going on, what they may try to do to your family,” said Walker. “It’s not worth putting your family at risk.”

If you find yourself the victim of a road rage incident, Walker recommends calling 911 and providing dispatchers with as much information as possible, including make, model and color of the car, a detailed description of the driver and their license plate number.