Tornado rips home apart, woman survives without a scratch

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) – Fear and terror were felt as a tornado swirled up over parts of Franklin County Friday morning.

People who live on Windy Ridge Road were worried about Delores Anderson. Anderson made it into her basement just before the tornado tore through her home.

“We were talking on the phone and she said ‘Debbie I think I need to go downstairs’,” said Debbie Meeks.

Meeks fought back tears as she remembered her phone call with her sister, Delores Anderson.

“I saw the wind picking up and said it’s time to go. I was listening to them on TV and they said ‘get in your basement’ and I went,” said Anderson.

She told WFXR that just seconds later her home was torn apart. The roof was ripped off and the walls were blown away.

“I covered up with a blanket and pillows and I felt the top suck out and it was trying to suck me out too,” said Anderson.

The whole ordeal lasted about two minutes and she made it out without a scratch.

Later that day, her friends, family and neighbors rushed to salvage anything they could.

“All my friends and neighbors are wonderful. I’m blessed to have them all,” said Anderson. She went on to say, “I thank them all. I thank God too.”

Many of the people helping with the clean up told WFXR that it is the worst storm they’ve ever seen in Franklin County. They’re glad they took the tornado warning seriously.

“When they tell you a warning you need to do what they say, because I never would have thought this would happen to my sister,” said Meeks. 

“Get in the basement. Do what they tell you to do,” said Anderson. 

“If I hadn’t of been I would’ve been sitting on that couch. I wouldn’t have been here to talk about it.”

Anderson is staying with family. People who helped clean up at her home were able to save what photos and other keepsakes they could. 

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