Virginia school librarian charged after slapping 10-year-old girl

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HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Jasmine Webster says the outrage is still fresh after finding out a librarian at a Virginia elementary school slapped her 10-year-old daughter a few weeks ago.

“I’m mad, I’m very mad, and I don’t feel like I’m going to stop until something has been done,” Webster explained.

Webster says her daughter Promise Harris, a student at John Tyler Elementary School, came home visibly upset on Feb. 6.

“My daughter came home crying with tears in her eyes. I’m like, ‘what’s wrong?’ And she told me that and I just saw red,” she explained.

Webster says the incident happened after a miscommunication about where her daughter was supposed to sit in the library.

“My daughter said at the time they were entering the library, she thought that the librarian was talking to her friend and pointed her to a colored table to go to, but obviously she was talking to my daughter and my daughter did not know that. When she got to my daughter she smacks her on the right side of her face and told her to go,” Webster said.

The next day she says she went to the school and they began looking into the incident. While there weren’t any cameras in the library, she says the incident was mentioned to other students.

“When the next class came in, little did she know my younger cousin was in that third-grade class, and they were being loud. She told them I already had to smack one child today, so she was so comfortable with saying that and I’m happy she said that, because it made my case very solid,” Webster added.

Police confirm the investigation revealed that staff member, 36-year-old Charity Lindsey of Hampton, physically assaulted Harris. 

She’s been charged with one count of simple assault. 

“She does not need to be around anyone else’s child, nobody’s child. No school, not even a daycare,” Webster stated.

Webster says that, during the investigation, she found out there are no surveillance cameras in the school library, and now she’s pushing to get that changed. 

An official with Hampton City Schools said they aren’t able to discuss a personnel matter.

They also went on to say if an allegation is made, it is taken seriously and investigated thoroughly, as well as reported to appropriate authorities if needed. 

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