RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The Southern Baptist Convention has released the list of suspected sexual abusers. 

Since 2007, the SBC has been keeping a secret list of people accused of or convicted of crimes. CBS17 crews went through each of the 205 pages, counting 701 names of abusers within the Baptist system.

On the front page of the documents, there is a disclaimer stating “It is incomplete. It has not been proof. And it has not been adequately researched.”

That means as the investigations continue and more victims come forward, more names could be added. 
In black and white, the names and allegations against hundreds of people within the Baptist community are accused of sexual abuse, murder and domestic violence.

The victims’ names and identifying information have been blacked out to protect them. Some of the abusers’ names and information have also been redacted because Southern Baptist Convention leaders believed the victims could be identified that way. 

The accused are from all over North Carolina. Their actions stretched from state to state over the span of several decades.

Laurie Rehrer was a teacher at New Hope Christian Academy in Cumberland County. In 1999, Rehrer pled guilty to having sex with 14 and 15 year-old boys. She was put on probation.

Ronald Simpson was a former pastor at St. Matthews Missionary Baptist Church in Lumberton. He was sentenced to 15-18 years in prison after he was convicted of abusing a 14-yar-old and a 12-year-old girl in 2003.

In 2007, Brian Goodrich Jr. was a volunteer youth work and a student at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was also at the Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh. Goodrich was sentenced to 13 years in prison for statutory sex offenses and sexual exploitation.

There were eight boys involved, aged 13-15, who were a part of a bible study with Goodrich. Goodrich was released from jail in August 2020 and is on parole.

Coy Privette was a chair of SEBTS, a past president for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, and a former state legislator. He pled guilty in 2007 for aiding and abetting prostitution. He was given probation and died in 2015. 

SEBTS is now trying to distance the institution from two other officials in the nearly 300-page investigative report that was released on May 22.

The report detailed how SBC leaders mishandled numerous sexual abuse allegations, including ones made against officials. Paige Patterson and Johnny Hunt were cited in the report. 

The president of SEBTS, Danny Akin, told students that he is working to remove Patterson’s name from a building on campus, and erase Hunt’s name from programs and such, associated with the seminary. 

Guidepost Solutions, the third-party investigative group, has created a hotline for victims to call and report their abuse made by anyone associated with the Southern Baptist program. The number is 202.864.5578.  
They’ve also set up the following email address: SBChotline@guidepostsolutions.com