Spain walloped by heavy snow, rain, gales that leave 2 dead


A gull overflies the Mediterranean sea during strong winds in Barcelona, Spain, Monday, Jan. 20, 2020. Two people have died as storms carrying heavy snowfalls and gale-force winds lashed many parts of Spain on Monday. The storm has forced the closure of Alicante airport and some 30 roads in eastern region. Six provinces are on top alert. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

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MADRID (AP) — Heavy snow, rain and gale-force winds lashed many parts of Spain on Monday, killing at least two people and prompting five provinces to go on top emergency alert.

The storm forced the closure of Alicante Airport and some 30 roads in the eastern region.

A man died Sunday in the northern province of Leon when he was run over by a car as he tried to put snow chains on his own vehicle. A homeless woman was found dead Monday after sleeping outside during the storm in the eastern town of Gandia.

The storm damaged property on the seafronts of Gandia and other towns as well, according to news videos and pictures.

The bad weather was expected to last until Wednesday.

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