RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A shooting at Optimist Park on Friday sent one person to the hospital, and also sent nearby Sanderson High School into lockdown.

Police say the lockdown was simply out of precaution because of the proximity of the park to the school. Still, some students were left confused.

“I saw the news that the school was being locked down, and then soon after that, they said ‘All right, it’s a green light, you can come back,’” Connor, a senior at the school, said.

He says some students left, but then got a message indicating there was no longer a threat.

“I didn’t think we should be coming back, I mean if there was a shooting right next to the school, I don’t understand why they would make us come back to school,” he said.

Police say one victim was shot and transported to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries. They say the school lockdown was purely out of precaution, and the school was not at risk.

“There’s no immediate danger to the public or anything like that, and we’re working some possible leads on this case,” Captain Tim Tomczak with the Raleigh Police Department said.

Still though, parents lined the street outside of the school, waiting to pick their kids up early. Some parents were left scared and frustrated, as shootings in or near schools across the country have devastated communities.

“Everywhere it’s happening, the same case, why not stop the arms?” Joseph DeCruz, a parent of a student, said.

He even called on President Joe Biden to take action.

“Mr. President, stop the arms for every body!” he said.

Police say while there is no gunman in custody as of Friday afternoon, the community is not at risk.

“It’s a fluid situation, and we’re moving forward, but there’s no danger to the public,” Captain Tomczak said.

Police did tell our crew that they kept extra officers at the school on Friday, but they stressed that was just because of the police activity at the park, and there was no threat to the school.