DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN)- A new study finds Durham is among 15 cities with the most female six-figure earners.

SmartAsset analyzed data for the 100 largest cities. They considered the percentage of women who earned at least $100,000 and the percentage of six-figure earners who are women.

Durham came in at the number 11 spot. The survey found 13 percent of women in Durham made six figures. About 38 percent of the city’s six-figure owners are women.

It’s higher than the national average of 12 percent of women making six figures and 29 percent of those six-figure earners being women.

The Bull City tied with three other cities for 11th place. Those cities included Los Angeles, Seattle, and Atlanta.

Durham went down a few spots from SmartAsset’s 2021 survey. Last year, Durham tied for eighth place with Jersey City. It was a big jump from the 2020 survey when the city was in 20th place.

According to the Census, women are overrepresented in lower-paying jobs. Data from 2020 showed women earned 30 percent less than men. Census data also indicated that the pay gap widens with age.

The pay gap has narrowed for younger women. The Census said increased education levels and breaking into occupations traditionally dominated by men have helped narrow that gap.