RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – For the last several months CBS 17 has partnered with Durham documentary filmmaker Steve Boston to hear from people helping to lead the fight in Ukraine.

Boston’s most recent conversation revolved around what the war has meant for the expansion of NATO.

After an appearance at the White House, the leaders of both Sweden and Finland have filed formal applications to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The decision by the two Nordic countries is all due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,

Current member of Ukraine’s parliament Volodymyr Ariev explained the situation from his location in Ukraine.

“I see Finland, that was very loyal to Russia just a few months ago, now completely changed – turned 180 degrees back,” he said.

NATO member Turkey has shown resistance to approving the addition of Sweden and Finland.

Russia’s nuclear arsenal is one reason Ukraine’s former Minister of Infrastructure, Volodymyr Omelyan, said the entire world must unite and that other members of NATO should support the joining of new members.

“In this particular situation, when you have a crazy guy walking with nuclear stick. I would say that we should all unite our efforts and strengths,” Omelyan said.

Finland shares 830 miles of its border with Russia and has remained officially neutral for decades.

“But recent developments may pose a war in Europe [sic] has proven to Finland that the only way to survive is to join NATO,” said Omelyan.

Both Omelyan and Ariev agree that while Putin’s strength has yet to lead up to its pre-war hype it doesn’t mean that would necessarily be enough to deter him in the future.

“Now they really care about their security and understand as part of the Russian empire Finland’s security is really jeopardized by the current Moscow regime,” said Ariev.