ROXBORO, N.C. (WNCN) – The suspect in the murder and kidnapping of a Person County man has two ex-wives who also went missing, the sheriff confirmed to CBS North Carolina.

In January 2013, 48-year-old Gerald Pollard went missing.

His body has still not been located but in November, Scott Sykora, 56, was charged with kidnapping and murder in Pollard’s disappearance.

Pollard was Sykora’s brother-in-law and Jones said that may have factored into the motive.

“I think Mr. Skora had basically gotten tired of seeing his sister being verbally abused,” Jones said.

He says investigators have a recording from an informant but no other hard evidence.

“Through our search warrants, we, through a superior court judge for search warrants, explained to them what we have, we actually discussed this case with our DA and also we had to go to the magistrate to obtain the warrants. Probable cause and they all agreed we had enough to get to the point that we’re at,” Jones said.

Person County Sheriff Dewey Jones told CBS North Carolina Sykora has two ex-wives missing that went missing in 1983 and the sheriff’s office is working with other departments on those cases.

Jones said it is believed Sykora “either murdered or had something to do with their disappearance.”

Jones says Pollard was last seen at his automotive shop outside his home, and then he vanished.

“We did have the SBI come in with forensics. We have a lot of evidence that needs to be submitted to the lab and that could take some time, ’cause it’s a pretty lengthy process that could lead us to more about this case and possibly others,” Jones said.

Jones says in his 29 years in law enforcement this is one of the worst cases he’s ever seen and he believes it could be the key to solving other cold cases that the suspect could be connected to.