RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Thousands of people packed the Halifax Mall in downtown Raleigh Saturday for the “Women’s Rally on Raleigh.”

The theme of the event was “Women Leading the Resistance.”

“We want society to continue to remember who we are, what we give and what we bring to the table,” said Brittany Futrell of Raleigh.

Speakers included elected and religious leaders, as well as activists and speakers from various groups in an effort they said was aimed at holding elected leaders accountable for a range of issues, including what they see as “communities under attack,” according to information sent out about the event.

“Everybody deserves the right to be heard. It’s just not what America stands for. It’s not my America,” said Amanda Lunn of Holly Springs.

“This helps because lots of people get out, make their voices heard. Role models for children,” Lunn added.

“These are women’s issues, but they’re everyone’s issues because what affects women affects everyone,” said Joyce Rothchild of Raleigh.

” I feel like it’s my civic duty to get involved and whenever I see hateful administrations or hateful policies that are keeping our sisters down, part of my philosophy is that we have to stand up and we have to make a difference,” said Noah Ambrose of Southern Pines.

The event falls on the year-anniversary weekend of women’s marches across the nation, including one in Raleigh in which organizers said 17,000 people attended.

In the year since it’s been a transformative year, many said, particularly when it comes to the “Me Too” movement.

“Sadly it’s come to me too,” Rothchild said.

“It helps heal. It’s a healing process,” Futrell said.

Still, people who attended the event said more work needs to be done.

“We need to stop taking steps backwards,” Lunn said.

“I see it definitely being an improvement and teaching women like us that we’re worth something,” said Jada Futrell, 14.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: