Titletown Winter Games held this past weekend in Green Bay


GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS NEWSPATH) – Titletown Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin, held the Titletown Winter Games over the weekend. 

Participants had the opportunity to try luging, curling, or a biathlon, which combines skiing and shooting a gun.

“I think the big appeal is that they’re Olympic sports. Some of them, like some of the luge athletes said, people don’t even know what luge is. And to have access to that here, who knows, maybe we’ll get some Olympians out of this,” according to resident Dawn Ruchala.

On the Titletown’s ice rink, participants learned about the unique sport of curling.  This sport is a combination of ice, brooms and stones.

Participants learned about the unique sport of curling on Titletown’s ice rink.  Curling combines the ice, broom, and stones.

During the biathlon, people were able to trek across the snow-covered football field on skis, and shoot at nearby targets with with an infrared rifle.

Attendees were also able to try the sport of luging where attendees had to lay face up on a sled and race down a track with lessons provided by a Olympic Bronze Medalist.

“This is how you sit on it, this is how you hold on, this is how you steer. You pull with one hand on the rope to steer one way, and the other hand on the rope to steer the other way. Its pretty simple. 9 times out of 10, people that are hesitant at first will go and love it,” said Olympic Bronze Medalist, Erin Hamlin.

The Titletown Winter games are free for participants.

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