GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Efforts to change liquor laws in our state continue.

Senate Bill 527 has multiple parts to it. One part would allow restaurants and bars to sell to-go cocktails and mixed beverages. In order to sell cocktails, a customer would also have to purchase a meal, according to the bill. Local businesses have said that having the option to sell to-go drinks would be huge.

Tacoish is a restaurant in Greenville set to open next month. Having the ability to sell margaritas with their taco take-out orders could really give the business that much-needed initial boost.

“Anything you can hang your hat on marketing-wise is going to help out business, so if we can advertise to-go cocktails, to-go signature drinks along with our awesome menu, it’s going to help drive business through the front doors during start-up, which is the most crucial part,” said Ryan Griffin, Tacoish co-owner.

The bill has passed it’s third reading in the NC Senate, and it’s first in the NC House. Now, it sits in committee.