Truck ramp comes through windshield of woman’s car


BOSTON (WCVB/CNN) – Heading down the highway in Boston, the last thing Mary Quinlan expected was to have a truck ramp fly through her windshield.

She ducked just in time, but her car is a wreck.

Now she’s trying to get someone to take responsibility for what happened.

Quinlan said she saw the road hazard early.

“I was in the slow lane and a CVS tractor trailer was about 40 yards ahead of me in the middle lane.”

The ramp smashed her windshield and nearly hit her.

She blames the trucker.

“The tractor went around but the trailer clipped it and it started to spin way up in the air so I braked and I was watching it and, when it went out of my view, I instinctively ducked to the left and bam, it came through the right,” Quinlan said. “And when he saw it fly in air, how did he not look? How could he not stop? It could have killed me.”

“There was glass everywhere, literally everywhere and, glass in my mouth,” Quinlan said.

State police continue to investigate how the ramp was lost in the middle of the roadway.

Quinlan said she called CVS more than a dozen times.

“I was sent to voicemails that never went anywhere. I was given a number that everytime you select one for new claim, it went beep beep beep and hang up,” Quinlan said.

CVS said they have not received any reports of a CVS truck being involved in such an incident. They said their transportation is looking into the incident further, but they cannot validate that a CVS truck was involved.

After she was interviewed by reporters, Quinlan said she heard from a CVS insurer who said they would investigate the matter and check the driver. They also helped to pay for a rental if they were involved.

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