Video contradicts former Wake deputy’s statements in court


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – CBS North Carolina obtained video from inside the Wake Forest Police Department that was used against a deputy fired for lying in court.

Former Wake County Deputy Robert Davis was fired after a judge said he lied in court and filed false reports. Davis was an 18-year veteran of the sheriff’s office and part of the DWI Task Force.

“It makes me sick to my stomach,” said Sheriff Donnie Harrison. “Do we make mistakes? Absolutely, but when you get information like this it really hits hard.”

According to court records Davis told a judge that a woman he arrested for drunk driving, refused to take a breath test.

“Those statements were false,” said the woman’s defense attorney Bill Finn.

Finn argued she was asking to call a witness which is her legal right.

Court records show Davis said under oath, the woman “didn’t invoke her rights.”

But in the video you can clearly hear Davis ask her, “You want to call someone to come down here and watch it?”

The woman replies yes.

Davis also said in court the defendant did not try to call anybody.

But again the video clearly shows her on the phone.

In fact, Davis even tried to help her make that call.

“Any time that you’ve got a witness, and in this case a law enforcement officer, whose credibility has been called into question and who is has been found to make false statements, that sort of goes towards the foundation of the criminal justice system,” said Finn.

District Attorney Lorrin Freeman has now thrown out more than 170 other cases that Davis was involved in.

CBS North Carolina looked through some of those cases and found repeat offenders, and drivers who were arrested for driving two times, even three times over the legal limit.

“It’s heart breaking on different levels to have to let those cases go, but we have to do things right,” said Freeman.

“It is concerning and troubling that there may have been people who may have been convicted by him in regards to false statements,” said Finn.

In response, LaRonda Schenck Scott, state executive director of MADD North Carolina released the following statement:

MADD is extremely disappointed that nearly 100 suspected drunk driving offenders may receive no punishment and remain a danger on North Carolina roadways due to Deputy Davis’ overzealous attempts to catch drunk drivers. Sheriff Donnie Harrison is to be commended for his swift action in releasing Deputy Davis of his duties. Unfortunately, the Wake County District Attorney’s office is left with no choice but to abandon nearly 100 DWI cases. MADD is saddened that this situation will allow those who were guilty of drunk driving to escape any consequences for their selfish decision to put others’ lives at risk.

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