VIDEO: Iowa police department releases body cam footage of officer’s near-drug overdose


FORT DODGE, IOWA (CBS NEWSPATH) – A routine traffic stop for an officer on the Kenyon road bridge Sunday evening quickly turned dangerous.

A Fort Dodge police officer stopped, then arrested a female driver for driving under suspension and giving false information. 

While the officer was searching the driver’s vehicle, he encountered a brown powder in a bag believed to be fentanyl.

“He was handling the container the powder was in and had disturbed the container open enough it might have exposed any powder in it sending it airborne,” said Capt. Ryan Gruenberg with the Ford Doge Police Department.

The officer who was transporting a suspect to the law enforcement center was found outside the building.

The video shows how rescue personnel found the officer inside his vehicle.

Fort Dodge police asked that we not show his face due to medical privacy laws.

The few minutes it took the officer to drive the suspect from the bridge to jail was long enough to be exposed.

The officer radioed ahead for help.

When emergency personnel arrived, the office was in his cruiser with his car in gear and foot on the brake.

“He was essentially almost fully unresponsive to the point his eyes were closed,” said Gruenberg.

Medics gave the officer two doses of the opioid reversal drug Narcan in the ambulance and some more in the hospital emergency room.

According to the medical staff, it was a pretty intense situation and the officer is lucky to be alive.

Gruenberg also said incidents like this highlight the dangers police face every day while on the job.

The Fort Dodge police officer was release from the hospital Monday.

He is doing well and recovering at home with his family.

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