CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) — A video posted on YouTube shows a large group of people riding dirt bikes and ATVs on busy roads in Charlotte.

The man who recorded the video on a personal dashcam asked that he remain anonymous. He said the video was taken Sunday afternoon around 5 p.m. The clip lasts about six minutes.

It begins as the driver pulls off I-85 onto Brookshire Boulevard. As he’s approaching Brookshire, a number of dirt bikes and ATVs pass through the frame of the video.

Some of the drivers pop wheelies as they are riding. The man who captured the riders on-camera said they eventually merged onto I-277 from Brookshire. He said that traffic behind the group was forced to significantly slow down due to the group’s rate of speed.

WBTV showed the video to Trooper Ray Pierce with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

“Initial reaction was disbelief,” said Pierce. “To see that large amount of ATVs and motorcycles or dirt bikes on a public highway or state-maintained road is definitely a shock.”

He said that what the group was doing was illegal.

“A majority of those bikes you could see were untagged so they do not have any of the safety equipment required by North Carolina law,” said Pierce.

He said the vehicles appeared to be lacking turn signals, brake lights and rearview mirrors.

In order to ride the dirt bikes or ATVs on public roads the vehicles would have to meet all of the requirements that a motorcycle would, according to Pierce.

He said that the vehicles would have to be registered, tagged, and insured before they were allowed on the streets.

“They were definitely riding without due regard for the safety of themselves and the motoring public,” said Pierce.

The state trooper said that anyone who was pulled over for illegally riding a dirt bike or ATV would likely be facing large fines and time in court.

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