VIDEO: Woman sees Jesus on horseshoe crab shell


Cathy Rose Rader has found Jesus. 

“It’s a sign. It’s absolutely a sign,” Rader said.

The image was found on a horseshoe crab shell that her friend gave to her after finding it on Canaveral National Seashore in New Smyrna Beach.

 “I looked at it and said ‘thank you very much’ and took it home and washed it out and set it on my front porch to dry,” Rader told WKMG-TV.

 It wasn’t until days later that Rader says she got a message. 

“I was doing devotionals that I do in the morning. God spoke to me and said ‘if you will wait, I will give you perfection’,” Rader said.

And soon after that message, Rader says, the image appeared on the crab shell.

“I went past it and I noticed something and I looked back and it looked like the face of Jesus and I kind of chuckled to myself and said, ‘that’s funny,’ it kind of does,” Rader said.

“We call him Jesus crab,” she added.

But it didn’t start to sink in until days later when Rader says the image kept getting lighter —  resembling a Rembrandt painting of Jesus Christ. 

“I just feel so humbled. I knew immediately that after I saw his face and I Googled the Rembrandt painting, I go, “Oh my gosh, that’s the face!” she said.

She wants others to enjoy the image on the crab shell, hoping it will inspire people no matter who or what they believe in.

“Even the people who don’t believe say, that, ‘that looks like the pictures of Jesus that I’ve seen.’ So, maybe it’ll help with people’s faith. I hope so.  I hope so,” Rader said.

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