Wake County paramedics talk about saving SC State basketball player


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Saturday, two Wake County paramedics acted fast and helped save a young man’s life after the basketball player collapsed from cardiac arrest during an NCAA game in Raleigh.

South Carolina State redshirt senior Tyvoris Solomon collapsed during the team’s game against North Carolina State at PNC Arena. Paramedics say it was from cardiac arrest.

“You’re never really ready for this kind of thing. You can try to be prepared but you don’t expect something of this magnitude to happen,” said Rich Eldridge.

Eldridge is a Wake County EMS Paramedic. He worked Saturday’s game with Wake County paramedic Greg Rodevick.

The team says most Saturdays they would be driving through Wake County responding to calls, but they were on basketball duty this weekend.

Rodevick says the change in their shift is usually a nice break from the norm, but nothing about Saturday would be a “nice break” for either paramedic.

“You add thousands of people, and complete silence in there; except for everyone on the beach. It is, in the back of your mind. It’s stressful,” said Rodevick.

Rodevick and Eldridge say when they got through the crowd surrounding Solomon, they saw he was not moving, suffering from cardiac arrest. They had to act fast

The paramedics shocked Solomon’s heart using a defibrillator. They say one shock, and his heart started beating again.

After awhile they say Solomon started to regain consciousness.

Usually the work the two men do mainly goes unnoticed, but Saturday the cheers of thousands boomed through PNC Arena, letting the paramedics know how their work was appreciated.

However, among the cheers of thousands, Rodevick and Eldridge say the best feeling of the day was seeing Solomon after the incident.

“He was awake. He was talking to us. He was smiling and laughing. It’s a good feeling,” said Eldridge.

The paramedics were on the court when Solomon went down, so they were able to act fast. But they say it may be a different story for Ty Solomon if it was not for the quick action S.C. State’s athletic trainer took.

The paramedics say it took them about 30 seconds to get to Solomon on the court.

They say that may not seem like a long time, but that’s 30 seconds Solomon’s heart was not beating. During that time, the S.C. State athletic trainer applied chest compressions to Solomon’s heart, keeping the blood flowing through his body, until the paramedics arrived.

Rodevick and Eldridge say it may have been a different story without the help of the athletic trainer.

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