RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The principal for Broughton High School is looking into two videos posted on social media this weekend that show students using racial language.

The school’s principal, Elena Ashburn, sent a voice message home to all parents Monday, saying they began investigating as soon as they learned of the videos.

The students posted the videos on the social media app Snapchat over the weekend. Both videos show students making racial comments and stereotypes.

One of them involved a Broughton High junior who used to go to Enloe High School.

She remarked the “walls are infested with curry” at Enloe High and talks about “all the brown people around you” at the school.

In the other video, the student is pretending to do house chores and yells a profanity followed by the n-word.

Ashburn told parents they quickly began investigating as soon as they found out about the videos.

“I want to reassure you that we do not condone this type of behavior,” said Ashburn in the message. “Our expectation is that we adhere to high standards for all students, and these videos violate those standards.”

The school is not identifying the students involved, but Ashburn says “anything that causes a disruption to the school environment is subject to disciplinary action.”

The school made counselors and administrative staff available Monday to talk with students about their concerns.

“Please take a moment to talk with your students about the importance of living and working together in community,” said Ashburn

“As a school team, we have and will continue to discuss ways to help our students better understand the community in which we want to live and the responsibilities they have in working with social media.”WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: