RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — After several mass shootings across the country in the last few weeks, some facilities are taking a look at their own safety measures. That includes area hospitals.

WakeMed officials say they were looking at their own safety measures months ago, before the Uvalde school shooting and a shooting in Tulsa. But now they want their employees to weigh in.

CBS 17’s Deana Harley asked Barb Bisset, the Executive Director of Preparedness and Innovative Learning at WakeMed, said what they’re doing to keep their staff safe.

“We have a workplace violence program, and we actually have an established, multi-disciplinary committee,” Bisset said.

That committee, that was formed before the most recent mass shootings in the nation, organizes trainings for employees, including active shooter training and other emergency responses. But now they want their employees to weigh in, so they’re asking them for feedback.

“We really want to know, what are their main concerns, are there things related to the physical environment, things related to training,” Bisset said.

One thing they’re looking at specifically is domestic violence. With a mostly female staff, we’re told there’s potential for those employees to be victimized, even at work.

“70% of domestic violence will come to the workplace, nationally, that’s known, and so there’s many, many components that we do have to consider,” Bisset said.

While hospital officials review data and assessments, they say every day they aim to not just keep people healthy, but to keep their staff, patients and visitors safe.

“You’re never there, you never have every piece or part in place, and so it’s something that we always do want to look at on a continual basis,” Bisset said.

Bisset says WakeMed also works with other local hospitals, including Duke and UNC Health, to consider what they’re doing to keep their campuses safe. She says that information is valuable to keep all local medical professionals safe.