WATCH: Group leaves $1,200 tip for waitress


(CNN Newsource) – A server at a New Jersey IHop was the lucky recipient of a very generous tip this past weekend.

And the generosity drove the hard-working mom of two to tears.

What started out as a regular shift for Angelica Alicea, a waitress at an IHop in downtown Patterson, NJ, ended with tears of joy.

She was just two hours into her workday Saturday when she took on a party of 12.

“At the end, I gave them a bill, they gave me the money and you know that the, that the receipt for that was kind of, kind of heavy. And I was like, wait,” said Alicea.

When she opened it up, she thought the table made a mistake.

“I told the guy who gave me the money that he gave me, too, too much money. And he said, ‘No, that’s for you. Merry Christmas,'” Alicea recalled.

It was a $1,200 dollar tip, leaving the waitress stunned.

That moment captured on video and later posted on social media.

Alicea, who has been working at IHop for the past three years says the generous tip will allow her and her two daughters to rest easy this holiday season.

“It means a lot, you know, especially when especially when you work day to day, not knowing, you know, if you’ll be able to provide for the next day.”

Those generous patrons, took part in an annual nationwide trend called shock and claws, where customers leave huge tips for deserving waiters and waitresses.

Alicea’s manager says she couldn’t have been more deserving.

“She’s on a different level. The communication that she has with her guests, the emotions that she shows with her guests is amazing,” said Leslie Jones.

One of the men from the group tweeted about it saying, “If you and your friends have the capacity and heart, [pool] your money to give a large tip to a waitress this holiday season that you know deserves it. I encourage it. You’ll be surprised how many of your friends would be supportive of the idea!”

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